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New Factsheets
#1: Nutrient Removal in Creeping Red Fescue Seed Crops
#2: Nitrogen on Creeping Red Fescue Seed: A Review of Peace Region Trials

#3: A Technical Look at Seed Production of Fescue
#4:Effects of Elk Damage to Creeping Red Fescue Fields in the Peace

#5: Bromegrass Yields in the Peace
#6: Narrow-leaved Hawk's beard
#8: CRF Establishment Checklist
A Wealth of Information
The Peace Region Forage Seed Association has published a wide range of Forage Seed related information over the years as well archived a large collection of information from other sources. Here you will find this library split into four convenient sections:

Forage Seed News
Published by the Manitoba Forage Seed Association, this journal is regularly contributed to by the PRFSA with articles and region specific information.
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PRFSA Publications
A collection of timely and region specific publications that cover a wide range of Forage Seed information ranging from crop rotation to the impact of insects and wildlife.
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Relevant Publications
The PRFSA has collected links to several resources of relevant information relating to Forage Seed in the region from other agencies and sources.
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Vintage Publications
A unique collection of reports and documentation relating to vintage Forage Seed crops in the Peace Region dating back to the 1960's.
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