Levy - Research & Development

Your money at Work for the Turf & Forage Seed Industry

In 2017, for every $1.00 of levy used, the association has been able to leverage $3.88 of industry and government funds overall. Throughout the fall and winter of 2017/18 the association will be working on several major research and extension proposals in conjunction with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and other regional associations for the next federal funding round from 2018 to 2023. This includes continued work with fertility, growth regulators, crop rotations, variety trials and pest monitoring. New project plans include creeping red fescue variety improvement, species trials and disease monitoring.


Levy funds collected will be used to develop the industry by:

A. Research: strengthening research capabilities in Peace River Region:

1. Agronomy, Rotation & Establishment Trials

Project Contact Year
Comparing Forage, Pea, Canola & Wheat Based Rotations Rahman Azooz & Calvin Yoder 5 of 5
Comparing Rates & Timing of Nitrogen Fertilizers Rahman Azooz & Calvin Yoder 5 of 5
Effects of Foliar Applied Plant Growth Regulators on Grass & Clover Seed Crops Rahman Azooz & Calvin Yoder 5 of 5


2. Grass Seed Yield Cultivar Trials

Project Contact Year
Coordinating Peace Region Grass Seed Testing & Managing Beaverlodge Research Site Rahman Azooz & Talon Gauthier 5 of 5

3. Insect & Disease Trials

Project Contact Year
Monitoring Insect Pest & Anthropod Biodiversity Jennifer Otani 5 of 5
Pest Monitoring Project in the Peace Jennifer Critcher 2 of 3
BioControl Research Fund Alec McClay 1 of 3

4. Weed Control & Herbicide Tolerance Trials

Project Contact Year
Herbicide Tolerance Trials on Seedling & Established Grasses Calvin Yoder & Rahman Azooz 5 of 5
Herbicide Tolerance Trials on Seedling & Established Legumes Calvin Yoder & Rahman Azooz 5 of 5
Weed Control Trials: Grass & Legume Seed Crops Calvin Yoder & Rahman Azooz 5 of 5

5. Herbicide Minor Use Registrations

Compiling data from several site years of herbicide tolerance trials & submitting to the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) in Ottawa. Representing PRFSA at minor use priority setting meetings in Ottawa - Contacts: Yoder/ Limoges - Year 5 of 5.
Membership in Minor Use Consortium.

6. Responding to Industry Issues 

Project Contact Year
Improving Productivity and Profitability of Forage Land Sandra Burton/ PRFA of BC 1 of 3
Forage Stands: Starting Over, Dos & Don’ts Julie Robinson/ PRFA of BC 1 of 3
Enhancing Peace Weather Monitoring & Data Use Keith Uloth/ Julie Robinson 1 of 3

B. Transferring technology to more growers:

Organizing seminars for growers, ag industry reps & crop advisors in Peace Region of BC & Alberta.

Organizing tours. July 14th, 2017 at AAFC Beaverlodge Station

Compiling publications, such as Spring Herbicide Update & The Seed Head Factsheets.

Distributing Forage Seed News magazine to over 1000 growers & members in the Peace Region.

Membership in Forage Seed Canada, BCAC, PPMU.

Updating forage seed website www.peaceforageseed.ca

C. Ensuring optimal use of funds:

Setting priorities and planning by growers, researchers, and seed companies/ agribusinesses, reimbursing basic director and meeting expenses.

Coordinating extension activities, compiling project proposals, securing matching funds, hiring contractors, organizing site management. 

Reporting to funding partners, and communicating effectively among all agencies and processors involved in levy and PRFSA activities.

Bookkeeping, auditing and ensuring accountability of expenses.