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New Factsheets
#12: Commonly Found Grasshoppers in the Peace Region
#13: Grasshopper Thresholds & Control
#14: Red Clover & Dessicants
#15: Alsike Clover & Dessicants
#16: Re-Emerging Pests in the Peace
#17: Potential Emerging Pests
#18: Crop Rotations with Perennial Forage Seed Crops

PRFSA Factsheets
On this page, the Peace Region Forage Seed Association will share information about current or past research projects and other initiatives in 2 to 4 page factsheets called The Seed Head.

If you have topics you would like to see summary information compiled on next, please use the Contract Us page to let us know.

#1: Nutrient Removal in Creeping Red Fescue Seed Crops
#2: Nitrogen on Creeping Red Fescue Seed: A Review of Peace Region Trials

pdf #3: A Technical Look at Seed Production of Fescue
pdf #4:Effects of Elk Damage to Creeping Red Fescue Fields in the Peace

pdf #5: Bromegrass Yields in the Peace
pdf #6: Narrow-leaved Hawk's beard
pdf #7 Nutrient Removal in Seed & Straw of Grass Seed Crops
#8 CRF Establishment Checklist

pdf #9 Growth Regulator Overview
pdf #10 Growth Regulators on Red Clover Seed Crops

pdf #11 Growth Regulators on Alsike Clover Seed Crops