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Canadian Forage Seed Conference

The Canadian Forage Seed Conferene will be held during February 25th and 26th in 2020 at Edmonton Alberta. The event will take place at the Fantasyland Hotel located in the West Edmonton Mall.

Check out the FS Conference tab to learn more details!

Registration Cost: $250.00 by January 20, 2020

Production & Marketing Seminar - March 20, 2019

The 2019 PRFSA Production & Marketing Seminar will be in Fort St. John, BC at the Pomeroy Hotel (11308 Alaska Road). Come hear from local forage seed researchers and extension experts about what is occurring in the region. There will be updates on pest monitoring, weather monitoring, optimizing Assure II and ways to increase creeping red fescue yields. Dr. Yamily Zavala from the CARA soil health lab in Oyen, AB will also be giving a presentation and demonstration on soil health!

Agenda can be viewed here.

Door Prize: Battery operated Milwaukee M18 Fuel Blower Kit to assist you with cleaning off equipment!

Key Note Speaker: Dr. Yamily Zavala from the CARA Soil Health Lab in Oyen, AB

Bio: Soil Health & Crop Management Specialist Dr. Yamily Zavala has managed the Chinook Applied Research Association’s crop and soil program for the past five years. Prior to joining the CARA staff, she was a crop production consultant based out of Ottawa where project work took her to Central and South America as well as points in the south and west of Africa. Early in her career, Yamily was a Soil Scientist for the National Agricultural Research Foundation at the Táchira State Research Center in Venezuela. Yamily’s extensive international experience in restoring soil fertility and improving cropping systems is supported by an education focused on agriculture and soils. She obtained an Agricultural Engineering degree at a university located in the Venezuelan Andes Mountains. She attended Missouri University achieving a Masters in Agronomy (with minor in Soil Science) and earned a Ph.D. in Soil and Plant Nutrition from Cornell University. Her passion for understanding and improving the health of soils has contributed to improvements in the local agricultural economies where she has worked. In addition to applied research projects, she is currently leading the development of a soil health lab at the CARA Center which will focus on the evaluation of physical and biological soil properties.


Pest Monitoring Updates

During the growing season, consider accessing two resources supported by grower associations and commissions on the prairies:

The BC Pest Monitoring Project has been extended until 2019! This cross commodity project (Grain Producers, Forage Seed and Cattlemen) is coordinated by Julie Robinson & Keith Uloth.  Pest Updates, derived from in-field monitoring performed in BC Peace each growing season, are texted out weekly.  Contact Keith at 250-719-8322 or via email at to get added to the list or for answers to your pest questions! You can check out the updates on the facebook page.

The Prairie Pest Monitoring Network also produces the Weekly Update e-bulletins during the growing season that summarize emerging prairie-wide pest issues, and includes monitoring tips, risk warnings, and forecasts in order to support in-field monitoring and sound pest management decisions for growers across the Canadian prairies. Contact Jennifer Otani at 780-354-5132 or via email at Check out the PPMN blog to stay current!

New BC Peace Weather Website

Check out the new (and under construction) weather website for the BC Peace Region. Please bear with us as we had to develop a new platform to deliver the weather information to you.

The new website can be viewed here. The website and decision support tools will be completed October 31, 2018. Tools to be added are:

  • Growing Degree Days
  • Fusarium model
  • Wheat Midge model
  • Weather forecasts
  • Historical Data
  • Alarms/Alerts

Any questions or concerns please contact Talon at 1 877 630 2198 or