Canadian Forage Seed Conference

Conference Funders/Sponsors

Thank you to the following provincial forage seed associations, government and companies for their generous contributions to the conference!

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Conference Presentations

  1. Seed Yield & Seed Loss with Different Swathers - Nicole Anderson, Field Crops Extension Agent, Oregon State University
  2. Turf Grass Market Outlook - Brenda Tjaden, Sustainable Grain
  3. Remote Sensing for Pest Management - Chris Neeser, Weed Research Scientist, AAF
  4. Forage Breeding In Canada - Bill Biligetu, Forage Breeder, University of Saskatchewan
  5. Perennial Ryegrass Production in Minnesota - Dave Grafstrom, University of Minnesota
  6. Lesser Clover Leaf Weevil Projects - Dan Malamura, University of Saskatchewan
  7. Insects in Grass & Clover Seed Production - Jennifer Otani, Pest Management Biologist, AAFC
  8. Growth Regulators on Grasses - Calvin Yoder, Forage Seed Specialist, AAF
  9. Optimizing the Use of Plant Growth Regulators in Grass and Clover Seed CropsNicole Anderson, Field Crops Extension Agent, Oregon State University
  10. Seasonal Distributions of Economic Pests Occurring in Alfalfa Seed Production - Boyd Mori, Associate Professor, Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, University of Alberta
  11. Plant Bugs in Seed Alfalfa - Hector Carcamo, Research Scientist, Insect Pest Management, AAFC
  12. Alfalfa Leafcutting Bees in Southern Alberta - Brad Alexander, Research/Extension Manager for Alfalfa Seed Commission of Alberta
  13. Technology to Monitor Crop Health - Matthias Loeseken, Blackbird Environmental
  14. Rudd Farms Virtual Tour- Brett Rudd, Idaho Grass Seed Grower
  15. Crop Rotations: Economics & Benefits - Nityananda Khanal, Integrated Forage Crops Scientist, AAFC
  16. Prairie Pesticide Minor Use Registration Overview & Representative Crops Project Update - Ron Pidskalny, Prairie Pesticide Minor Use Consortium
  17. Herbicide and Weed Control Update on Grass Seed Crops- Calvin Yoder, Forage Seed Specialist, AAF
  18. Cover Crops: Mixes & Opportunities - Mike Schellenberg, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
  19. Canadian Grasslands Protocol: Voluntary Carbon Market Opportunity- Cedric MacLeod, Canadian Forage and Grassland Association


Conference Posters

  1. Boron Effects on Red Clover Seed Production and Quality- Nicole Anderson, Oregon State University.
  2. Effect of Trinexapac-ethyl Plant Growth Regulator on Seed Yield and Canopy Height of Red Clover- Nicole Anderson, Oregon State University.
  3. Investigation of new SDHI Fungicide For Stem rust Control in Perennial Ryegrass Seed Crops- Carol Garbacik, Oregon State University
  4. Effects of Plant Growth Regulator Combinations on Turf-Type and Forage-Type tall Fescue Seed Crops-Tara M. Hudgins, Oregon State University.
  5. Diseases of Forage Seed Crops in the Peace River Region- Nityananda Khanal,, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
  6. Do Seed Weight and Germination Timing of Grass Species Relative to Pre-Harvest Weather- Nityananda Khanal, Agriculture and Agri-food Canada
  7. Epidemiology and Management of Fungal Diseases- H.W. Klein-Gebbinich, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
  8. Trinexapac-ethyl Effects on Crimson Clover Seed Yields In The Willamette Valley-Mohamed Morad, Oregon State University
  9. On-Farm Turf and Forage Seed Research In The Peace River Region-Calvin Yoder, Alberta Agriculture and Forestry
  10. Effect of Plant Growth Regulator on Seed Yield of Red Clover Grown in The Peace River Region of Alberta, Canada-Calvin Yoder, Alberta Agriculture and Forestry
  11. Crop Tolerance and Rattail Fescue Control with Dry/Liquid Herbicide Formulations in Dryland Creeping Red Fescue Seed Production in Northeastern Oregon-Darrin Walenta, Oregon State University
  12. Is the Red Clover Casebearer Moth Decreasing Seed Yields in Eastern Oregon?-Darin Walenta, Oregon State University